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Interesting Strategy to Avoid Gift and Estate Taxes

avoiding estate and gift taxes

One Strategy to help you avoid gift and estate tax What’s a GRAT? A GRAT allows you to remove the future appreciation from your taxable estate. This is a powerful strategy to help mitigate your estate taxes getting even more assets to your heirs. Why does it matter? If you have assets that you expect […]

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Do you make these 5 Mistakes Investors make?

investor mistakes

5 Mistakes that Investors Make While these mistakes may seem like common sense, avoiding them isn’t always common practice. 1. Excessive and Active Trading Active trading doesn’t work. It’s not free those costs add up and are a drag on your portfolio, as well as your tax burden (short term gains are taxed as ordinary […]

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How to protect your business if a KEY employee dies

loss of key player

Do you have a plan in place if you lose a KEY player on your team? If someone is important to your business (not the rank and file, but someone who is seemingly irreplaceable) dies or leaves the company, are you prepared? 1. Offset revenue losses 2. Funds may be needed to ensure business continuity […]

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Three Steps to establishing a successful Buy Sell agreement

buy-sell agreement

Have you ever wondered what would happen if, G-d forbid, your business partner died? This is often not planned out, and the surviving co-owner ends up working with the spouse or other heir of the partner. This is not usually the ideal situation. What is a buy-sell agreement? A legal contract between 2 or more […]

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One Powerful Strategy to pay less tax, boost your wealth and make an impact

Charitable Impact

Explore a Powerful Wealth Planning Tool Interesting strategy to help you pay less taxes, receive a stream of income, and make an impact to causes you are passionate about. Lets learn about the Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) -Add Capital Cash or Stock -Immediate Tax Deduction -If using appreciated stock, when you sell it, there is […]

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Don’t buy life insurance until you ask these THREE questions!

Life insurance reasons

#1: Do you even need life insurance? The only reason you need life insurance is if you lack the financial resources to fill a financial gap if you were to die 3 Common Gaps -Family Maintain quality of life -Financial Obligations Estate taxes Buy out business partner -Charitable Impact #2: How much life insurance do […]

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What is a family office, and how can you have one even if you’re not super-rich?

Financial Family Office

A family office: Supports the financial and lifestyle needs of the family Is a truly, holistic, solution-driven approach creates the ability to work with top professionals Wealth management professionals scour over and help with: Wealth Management Investment Management Estate Planning Asset Protection Tax Mitigation Charitable Giving Mergers and Acquisition Family and Personal Support: Families don’t […]

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Five Smart ways of how you can protect your wealth?

Protect your wealth

Five Smart Ways to Build a Moat around your Wealth Get protected before a claim against you is made Cover the basics I.e. homeowners policy, umbrella policy, auto insurance, etc. Consider advanced asset protection strategies such as Equity Stripping, Captive Insurance Companies, or Establishing Trusts Equity Stripping: In order to protect yourself against creditors, you’d […]

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Business Owners do you pay too much in taxes?

Business Taxes

Strategies and Tactics for Business Owners Reduce your Taxes Protect your Business Build Serious Wealth How Business Owners can Reduce Taxes and Build Wealth Maximize your tax deductions Make significantly larger contributions (401k, set IRA plans, etc.) Defer taxes on growth Receive the lion share of the funds Reward your employees Predictability of your benefits […]

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Get rid of your money worries forever by Stress Testing your plan, the Super Rich do, so should you!

Financial Stress Test

Rationale for Stress Testing Used to avoid Potentially Destructive Situations And to ensure you can benefit from every possible opportunity. The Need for Stress Testing: Wealth Plans are dated… circumstances have changed The level and structure of the family’s assets Changes in family and other relationships Wealth planning was done incrementally A piecemeal process Lack […]

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