Five Smart ways of how you can protect your wealth?

Protect your wealth

Five Smart Ways to Build a Moat around your Wealth Get protected before a claim against you is made Cover the basics I.e. homeowners policy, umbrella policy, auto insurance, etc. Consider advanced asset protection strategies such as Equity Stripping, Captive Insurance Companies, or Establishing Trusts Equity Stripping: In order to protect yourself against creditors, you’d […]

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Business Owners do you pay too much in taxes?

Business Taxes

Strategies and Tactics for Business Owners Reduce your Taxes Protect your Business Build Serious Wealth How Business Owners can Reduce Taxes and Build Wealth Maximize your tax deductions Make significantly larger contributions (401k, set IRA plans, etc.) Defer taxes on growth Receive the lion share of the funds Reward your employees Predictability of your benefits […]

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Get rid of your money worries forever by Stress Testing your plan, the Super Rich do, so should you!

Financial Stress Test

Rationale for Stress Testing Used to avoid Potentially Destructive Situations And to ensure you can benefit from every possible opportunity. The Need for Stress Testing: Wealth Plans are dated… circumstances have changed The level and structure of the family’s assets Changes in family and other relationships Wealth planning was done incrementally A piecemeal process Lack […]

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Don’t hire a financial advisor unless he/she understands these SEVEN aspects of your life.


There are seven steps to achieving your goals The one we will focus on today is Discovery Understanding your values Exploring your goals Exploring your relationships (Are there any relationships you have that you are or soon will be financially responsible for? (Kids, Parents, etc.)) Financials (What is your real net worth?) Professional Advisors Process […]

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What is the SIX STEP PROCESS you should expect from your financial advisor or wealth manager?

Professional Team

The six step process: Discovery Getting information on your financials Building your team Team of professionals that will help advise you Should work together with your advisors and other members of the team Comprehensive Objective Assessment Framing the recommended course of action You must be able to receive it in plain english, not technical terms […]

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What is the difference between a Financial Advisor and Wealth Manager?

Financial Planner vs Wealth Manager

Financial Advisor Investment Consulting Financial Advisors normally stop here They’ll ask for your portfolio and recommend based on that. Wealth Manager Investment Consulting Wealth Managers will look at your entire financial life, and build out a team from that. Wealth Enhancement All about boosting cash flow by tax mitigation and debt restructuring For example, When […]

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Why work with a Wealth Manager?

Why work with a wealth manager

Five reasons why people work with a wealth manager? Complexity Your life becomes increasingly complex as you go throughout life. (Mortgages, kids, businesses, etc.) Change If you were to get married, you’re focus would change. There are going to be changes in tax codes, the market, your business, etc. Time Most people simply don’t have […]

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How are Trusts used in Estate Plans?

Trusts in Estate Planning

Have you ever wondered about your estate and whether you should set up a trust? How trusts are used in Estate Planning What is a trust? Vehicle that you transfer assets into Who do trusts benefit? Whoever you want What is a trustee and what is their role? A trustee is in charge of and […]

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What are the THREE types of financial advisors you should avoid?

3 Advisors to Avoid

There are three types of advisors you should avoid at all costs Pretenders Advisors who have good intentions Advisors who do not serve their clients well due to incompetence Advisors who do not serve their clients well due to limited expertise Predators Advisors who engage in illegal behavior to cheat and swindle people Exploiters Advisors […]

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Three types of life insurance to protect your wealth, which should you choose?

Life insurance

What Life Insurance to choose? What is Life Insurance? Having life insurance typically makes sense if you LACK the financial resources to fill a financial gap if you were to die. Examples of Financial Gaps Estate Taxes Family Obligations Business Interests (Only really pertains to business owners who have a partner) Charitable Impact What are […]

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Stress Testing: Are you 100 percent sure everything in your financial and wealth plans will deliver as promised?