Our Investment Consulting strategy is all about preserving your wealth.

Most of the families we serve are fortunate to have already attained a significant degree of wealth and our investment strategy is all about preserving your assets and enhancing your lives. We employ strategies aimed at protecting your wealth as your objectives shift from accumulating wealth to preserving it. Wealth preservation simply means having more than enough money throughout your lifetime to protect your independence, dignity and to maintain your quality of life while factoring in the fundamental threats we all face, such as: inflation, taxes, longevity, disappearing entitlements, health, and the ever-changing global economy. This may include restructuring of assets to preserve and sometimes boost your wealth. 

Gold Family Wealth does considerable work and due diligence to deliver expertise regarding Investment Consulting. We have strategically partnered with Gerstein Fisher, a wholly owned subsidiary of Peoples United Bank. Gerstein Fisher manages over $2.5 billion in assets, specializing in quantitative finance and Multi-Factor investing.