Gold Family Wealth has completely redefined wealth management. Through our experience, we believe that a proper wealth management plan requires both an effective technical design along with coordinated implementation from a team of experts specializing in investment consulting, tax mitigation, estate planning, insurance consulting and charitable planning.

Usually, these tasks are handled by the client, where they attempt to manage the complexities of wealth management as they work independently with each of their professional experts. Unfortunately, this results in wasted money, lost time and disappointment for the client as they get frustrated and overwhelmed by the difficulty of managing their own finances.


Strategic Partners

Gold Family Wealth has spent years developing a strategy to address and solve this issue that so many clients face. We’ve built a consultative approach modeled after successful single and multi-family offices serving the ultra-wealthy (those with assets of more than $500 million). After years of research and development, we’ve been successful in bringing these same processes and strategies to successful entrepreneurs and high-level corporate executives that have at least $1 million of financial assets.

By strategically outsourcing and aligning with a team of professional experts that meet regularly, we’ve greatly enhanced the ability to manage and coordinate your ever-changing financial situation. Having one resource to orchestrate and coordinate this professional network results in lower costs (time, energy, money) for you while providing more cohesion and integrated planning, better customized solutions, fewer breakdowns in communication and more time for you to focus on living a good life.