At Gold Family Wealth, our mission is to help our clients achieve a simple and elegant financial life by helping you make even smarter decisions about your money and to provide harmony among the many complexities of your personal and professional life and the financial world.

To help accomplish these goals, we have developed a meticulous, five-step consultative process designed to capture all the relevant information about your current financial situation, address your future objectives, and overcome any gaps or obstacles that stand in the way. This level of due diligence results in our ability to understand all the moving parts in your life and to address your wishes, concerns and preferences in the context of your strengths and weaknesses.

The basis of our consultation is captured starting with your Discovery Meeting, where we identify where you are now, your clear goals for where you want to be in the future, and further evaluate your current financial situation to determine if there are any obstacles that are preventing you from meeting your goals and expectations. We further evaluate both the unmet desired results and the experience surrounding it. This allows us to see the flaws so that we can either refine or amend your goals.

Once you begin working with Gold Family Wealth, we don’t ask if there are gaps in your current financial situation. Rather, we determine how we can close those gaps. To accomplish this, we either adjust your current strategy or find a replacement.

The Gold Family Wealth Five-Step Process

Discovery Meeting

Comprehensive, Objective Assessment Meeting

Engagement Meeting

Advanced Plan Meeting

Regular Progress Meeting

We’ll review your most important financial issues, creating your “Whole Client Profile” designed to gain a deep and holistic understanding of where you are now, where you want to go, and to identify any gaps we need to overcome to get you there.

We take all we learned from your discovery meeting and provide you a comprehensive assessment of your current course of action. Then we match your goals and needs against the strategies you’re presently taking to determine whether there are key gaps that need to be closed and/or opportunities to pursue.

Complete the necessary documents to implement the first part of your wealth management plan and make a mutual commitment to work together to help you achieve your goals.

In coordination with our external professional team, we augment their skills and knowledge to evaluate all the important aspects of your situation beyond investments and devise appropriate solutions aimed to harmonize your financial life.

On a regular basis, we’ll meet to review the progress we’re making towards attaining the goals we set out to accomplish.