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Based on extensive research we have constructed a powerful assessment methodology that is instrumental in developing a deep understanding of your world. Your “Total Client Profile” is composed of an array of your needs, wants, facts, figures, attitudes, perceptions, preferences, goals, concerns, agenda and thought processes.

This approach helps uncover latent needs that people don’t even know they have. These usually prove to be quite substantial, so failing to identify them regularly results in subpar wealth plans with poor results. The multitude of strategies and financial products are ineffectual if they don’t help you achieve your aims. As part of being attentive to the “human element” we are able to clearly explain what is being recommended and how the solutions will potentially give you the desired results.

By developing this personalized “Total Client Profile” and by “Stress Testing” your existing plan we are also able to reveal whether your plan is working how you intended it to or if there are gaps, red flags, or missed opportunities. Next, we strategically leverage our high-caliber private wealth professional network to identify the appropriate experts, providing you an even more thorough evaluation of your current course of action and help deliver state-of-the-art solutions coordinated amongst all the moving parts of your life.


Our comprehensive, yet flexible planning process identifies prospective solutions
that can result in the significant betterment of your world.



We create your total client profile reflecting a deep understanding of your desires, goals, and what keeps you up at night.


Professional Expert Network 

We strategically leverage our high-caliber professional experts to provide insights on advanced planning solutions 


Comprehensive Objective Assessment 

Together we review our evaluation of your current plan. Alternatives and solutions to close gaps and opportunities to pursue further are discussed.


Framing the Recommendations

We communicate recommended solutions in a way that makes sense to you, no mind-numbing industry jargon.



Gold Family Wealth and our team will implement the solutions you choose impeccably. Our persistence and precision make it seamless for you.


Ongoing Monitoring and Refining

“Life is a perpetual movie, not a photograph”. Changes in your world, personally, financially and professionally result in new opportunities or headaches. Either way, you need to take action, and we are here to help you move forward.

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