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Learn the Five KEY professional experts you should get financial advice from!

Financial Planner Westport, CT

The financial EXPERTS you should be getting advice from Getting professional financial advice can be life changing, for the better or the worse. For example, in 2008, I was meeting with a client of mine. She said she had a friend that was getting 10% returns year-after-year. I told it seems unlikely and even if […]

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How Business Owners can Pay Less Tax and Build their Wealth

Investment Management Westport, CT

There are many ways business owners can pay less taxes, thus maximizing their wealth. Make larger contributions Maximize tax deductions Defer Taxes on growth Receive a lion share of the funds Reward employees Predictability of benefits in retirement The problem is that most business owners do not effectively use retirement plans. “Plain vanilla” solutions do […]

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Three Ways to tell if you are working with the wrong financial advisors?

Retirement planning Westport, CT

Three reasons you may be working with the wrong advisors: They are not aware of elite-level planning tools OR they are aware but do not know how to use them. They are not working proactively and cohesively with other professionals They aren’t seen as thought leaders in the industry. Want to ensure you don’t have […]

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