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Asset protection builds a virtual wall around your wealth that can help protect you from creditors, litigators, ex-spouses and others. This wall creates a line that is as difficult as legally possible for litigators, creditors and others to cross.

Asset protection planning also helps to ascertain appropriate utilization of risk transfer through the following vehicles:

- Property-casualty insurance (homeowner’s, auto, rental, personal excess liability [umbrella]
- Health, disability insurance, life, long-term care
- Directors’ liability and professional liability insurances
- The effective use of state law exemptions  
- Various forms of ownership that either put an asset beyond the reach of a creditor or make these assets less desirable for creditors
- Current business restructuring 
- Gifting of assets when there are no current creditor issues to lessen the likelihood of raising fraudulent transfer issues
- Structure any expected gifts and/or inheritances to protect them from claims of creditors

Other Services

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