The Week Ahead — Our 2020 Mid-Year Economic Update

By Michael Gold How’s your 2020 going so far? Unsettling? Unexpected? You’re not alone. The world as we know it has been turned upside down by five letters and a number: COVID-19. While the coronavirus pandemic is at its core a health issue, the downstream effects of it on other aspects of our society have […]

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The Week Ahead — The Added Value Of A Financial Advisor

By Michael Gold, CFP®, MBA Money can cause a lot of stress even on a good day. Throw in a global pandemic and you’ve got people losing sleep left and right. Pre-coronavirus, almost 50% of Americans were worrying about being financially comfortable in retirement and 46% were saying they will not have enough money in […]

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The Week Ahead — What All Women Should Know About Personal Finance

By Michael Gold, CFP®, MBA We all face financial challenges as we walk through life, but unfortunately, women experience unique obstacles not often faced by men. Even with all the economic progress women have made over the decades, and even though they make up almost 47% of the workforce these days, (1) they typically earn […]

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The Week Ahead — The Top 5 Financial Planning Challenges In The First 10 Years Of Retirement

By Michael Gold, CFP®, MBA You’ve had your retirement party, cleaned out your desk and are enjoying your long-awaited retirement years. Lots of things end when you retire and you enter a new phase of life, but do you know one thing that should not end? Financial planning. That’s right. You may have thought that […]

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The Month Ahead — May Economic and Market Review

Whatever it takes “Within our mandate, the Fed is ready to do whatever it takes to support the economy. Believe me, it will be enough.” Wait, did Fed Chief Jerome Powell really say that? No, he didn’t, but the Federal Reserve’s (The Fed’s) actions seem to have said it for him.  Given the speed and […]

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The Week Ahead — Do Your Friends And Family Need Financial Guidance During This Stressful Time?

By Michael Gold, CFP®, MBA Things are quickly changing these days. Every time there is a White House briefing or a state governor takes the mic, we brace ourselves for updates—updates that impact our daily lives in a significant way. To say this is a stressful time is an understatement! But just because life is […]

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The Week Ahead — How To Protect Your Wealth During A Recession Or Depression

By Michael Gold, CFP®, MBA The current state of affairs has made this a scary time for a lot of us, especially if your retirement accounts have taken a hit. Although we don’t know exactly when economic instability or down markets will occur, we can do everything in our power to make sure we are […]

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The Week Ahead — 4 Key Financial Lessons From The Last Recession

By Michael Gold, CFP®, MBA What do you remember from the last recession, the economic crash in 2007/2008? We all know we can learn from the past and the financial mistakes we have made, but there are also encouraging aspects we should remember as well.  Let us review 4 financial lessons the last recession taught […]

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The Week Ahead — How To Manage Your Finances In A Crisis

By Michael Gold, CFP®, MBA No one can deny that we are in the thick of things right now. Between a global pandemic, economic worries, and political uncertainty, it’s no surprise that we are seeing increased market volatility. All of this uncertainty may be causing you to wonder, “How will this affect me?” or “Will […]

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How We Are Supporting Our Clients During The COVID-19 Crisis

By Michael Gold, CFP®, MBA While many things are happening right now that are out of our control, we focus on what we can control—how we communicate with each other. We want you to know without a doubt in your mind that we are here for you and have the expertise and the experience to […]

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