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Think you may sell your business someday? In order to walk away with the maximum amount of money in your wallet astute negotiations typically help owners secure the best price. But there is more to it. Thinking ahead is a must. Make sure you explore all avenues, including the valuation, agreed upon sales price, potential tax exposure and residual proceeds. And that all translates into meticulous pre-sale planning.
So what does pre-sale planning involve? 
Corporate preparation: This helps companies function better and appeals to potential suitors. It includes all activities of organizing a company for a sale: 
- Improving the balance sheet. Finding better methods for cash management and accounts receivable. Removing nonperforming assets and extraneous personnel. 
- Addressing the cost of funds, with the overall intent of maximizing working capital arrangements.   
- Enhancing profits. Eliminating “bad” customers and refining operations, thereby increasing gross profit margins.   
- Coordinating a formal valuation. This is generally required for ownership transfer, regardless of whether the transition occurs between family members, within the current employee base, or to an outside individual or corporate entity. 
Advanced planning: Advanced planning is to ensure you get the greatest advantage prior to, during and after your exit. Timing is everything. You must act well before the sale to ensure the greatest benefit to protect your wealth and to mitigate tax exposure for yourself and your heirs. 
Selling your company will have an enormous impact on your personal and financial life. It’s crucial to take all the right steps to get the best possible outcome. Gold Family Wealth is here to help you every step of the way.

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