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If one of your life goals is to use your wealth to make an impact on the world, Gold Family Wealth can advise you on the right course of action. Planned giving also coordinates philanthropy with your other financial goals, such as tax mitigation and estate tax reduction.

Planned giving is the process of making a significant charitable gift, during your life or at death, that is part of a broader financial or estate plan. In contrast, a charitable donation made from your cash flow is not a planned gift.

There are a variety of advanced planning solutions that can help you make an even greater impact to the causes you are passionate about while reducing your taxes and building your wealth.

Planned gifts take a number of forms. Generally speaking, planned gifts provide you with a financial benefit on top of tax deductions—benefits that were put into the tax code specifically to encourage planned giving include:

- Will Bequest
Private Foundation 
Donor Advised Fund 
Charitable Trust 
Supporting Organization 
Charitable Gifts of Life Insurance 

While planned gifts can produce substantial benefits for donors, it is very important to remember charity comes first in the equation. If tax mitigation is your only concern or your primary concern, other wealth management strategies separate from planned giving are likely to give you better results.

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