One Simple Way to Protect your Wealth?

Simple Strategy to Protect your wealth

How will you Protect your Wealth?

Here are some questions that you also need to think of in order to protect your wealth:

-What if things go wrong?

-What if things didn’t go according to plan?

-What if you or your child cause an accident?

-What if you are sued?

Start thinking about your wealth as your own castle and every Castle has a MOAT to protect it. You need to build a moat around yours to protect your wealth.

Here is one strategy for you to protect your wealth:

  • Having an Umbrella Policy/ Excess Liability

-An umbrella policy allows you to protect more of your wealth as there are these policies go above the basic underlying liability coverage of your home and auto.

This is a powerful and often overlooked solution to protect your wealth from an unforeseen event.

Importance of Umbrella Policy:

You have worked hard, saved and invested diligently BUT your assets can potentially be at risks and unjustly taken from you if things don’t go according to plan and you don’t have a strategy to safeguard your wealth.

Having an umbrella policy gives you a layer of protection (your own MOAT) for your assets helping you protect your wealth from unforeseen events.

If you don’t have an Umbrella Policy:

Key Takeaways

1. Run, don’t walk and Get one

2. How much do you need? Coverage should equal your net worth.

3. Watch the Gaps: Umbrella kicks in after underlying home and auto are used up. Make sure there are no gaps between the two.

If you want to go deeper on this topic Check out the video to watch what happens.

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