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What is a family office, and how can you
have one even if you’re not super-rich?

Learn the key components of a family office and how some of the most successful families operate their financial world. 
Get a detailed understanding of how family offices are structured to help: 
o Build and preserve wealth
o Mitigate tax
o Protect wealth
o Make impacts to charitable causes
o Transfer wealth
o Living an amazing lifestyle
o Managed the day-to-day bills
o Manage health for longevity planning with concierge medicing

How Business Owners can pay less tax and build their wealth

This is a MUST WATCH for business owners about how to reduce your taxes, build your wealth and ensure a solid stream of income in retirement.

As business owners sometimes one of the largest costs in running your business is taxes! If you are like me, you have struggled to get your arms around strategies to help reduce your tax bite all while growing your business. From my experience, most business owners take the step of establishing a plain vanilla retirement plan with the hopes of mitigating some tax and building up some retirement savings.
At the end of the day, these plans are nice however they are really designed to attract and retain talent and not geared for your benefit. So whats the solution? In this video, I will breakdown one strategy that is designed to:
1. Reduce your taxes
2. Allow for significantly larger contributions than "Plain vanilla" plans
3. Build your wealth
4. Protect your assets
5. Solidify your income in retirement

This is one of many strategies, and there will be many factors to be evaluated to determine if this solution will be right for you and your business.

Learn the Five KEY professional experts
you should get financial advice from!

In this training, I share my insight to the five KEY professional experts you need to build a solid foundation for your financial life. 
- Find out exactly who are the experts in various disciplines
- Learn how they can impact your life
- Find out how you can find these “elite” advisors
- Gain a solid understanding on how you can manage them, so they work cohesively for the sole purpose of improving your situation

How To Know If Your
Financial Plans Will Work

Have you ever thought you are not 100 percent sure you’re if the financial strategies you have in place will deliver as you expected?
- Learn the process known as "Stress-Testing" used by some of the most successful entrepreneurs and wealthy families
- Learn how you can implement this process at every level of wealth, it doesn't matter if you are a billionaire or just starting out
- Learn step by step if your plans are aligned with your goals, if the underlying assumptions used are accurate and if everything is cost effective
-The stress test process will play out two ways
1. Everything was designed correctly, and you are in good shape!
2. Things or off and either need some minor tweaks and notifications or its system failure and you’re a restructuring is necessary.

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